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Country of Devotees

The sweet and smoky scent of incense fills my nose and lungs from the altars that dot the sidewalks, caf├ęs, apartments, businesses and banks of Dalat, Saigon and Can Tho. Without a doubt, Vietnam is a country of devotees. The … Continue reading

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Village Stay

I have just recently (as of yesterday) returned from three-night excursion to rural Morocco. Our class of thirteen students stayed in the village of Boujaad, about four hours south of Rabat. It is located in a region that is particularly well-known for sending migrants abroad, both legally and illegally. Unfortunately, due to an impressive language barrier, we as students of Migration and Transnational identity could glean very little information from our welcoming and gracious hosts. However, as students of Morocco, we an encountered an unfathomably wealth of information that may not all fully register until much later in our academic and personal lives.

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Scottish Scenery

I just thought I’d take a moment to share two pictures I snapped along Princes Street today. The sun is still shining, and we have reached a whopping 43-degree high!! This is the National Gallery of Scotland, where I have … Continue reading

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Learn To Use a Semicolon

When I changed my calendar to March yesterday, the new quotation for the month was the following: 1. the path is not straight. 2. mistakes need not be fatal. 3. people are more important than achievements or possessions.” 4. be … Continue reading

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My Mama in Mtwalume is a Sangoma

Our second week of rural homestays is now over and I am starting to feel like I am living out of my backpack. After Impedle we returned to our families in Cato Manor for just one day to take our … Continue reading

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