Featured Artist from the PSBA 5th Anniversary Book – Deborah Greenwood

It is hard to believe, but Puget Sound Book Artists is celebrating 5 years as an organization. In honor of this most auspicious occasion, members were asked to contribute a page to a 5th Anniversary book. Throughout the summer, we will be adding new images to showcase the 5th Year Celebration Book. The 5th year book project is coordinated by An Gates, PSBA Board member and lead curator of the 2015 exhibition team.

Deborah Greenwood“I explore the tension between the traditional book format and using materials outside their expected use. I am looking for the story in ordinary unexpected disposable materials. Often this discovery of story is found by shifting the focus or the expected angle of view just far enough away from its original form in order to really see it, or see what it feels like rather than what it looks like.”

Deborah Greenwood

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