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   Puget Sound Book Artists invaded the small town of Winslow, Washington last Friday evening to celebrate the opening of Carpe Librum, at one of Bainbridge Island’s most respected galleries, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts.  Several of our member’s works were on display along with many local book artists.  The display was a feast for the eyes, with a diverse display of books including ones with metal covers, made of spools and fabric, a faux 19th century journal depicting the life of a young naturalist and beautifully leather bound books.  Advocates for the book arts, Cynthia Sears and Hidde Van Duym curated this show that represented a broad cross section of artists from the Northwest.

Mother's Measure Catherine Micaelis Sewing Notions, Hand Embroidered Text

Mother’s Measure
Catherine Micaelis
Sewing Notions, Hand Embroidered Text

As a book artist, my mind is constantly challenged by the almost bewildering display of versatility and resourcefulness other book artists utilize in their never ending quest to expand on the question; What is a book? Carpe Librum, the current exhibition at the Bainbridge Island Arts and Crafts Gallery is no exception.   Perhaps Susan Jackson, the Executive Director of the gallery summed it up best during the evening of the exhibition opening April 3rd, she was struck by not merely the amount of collective creativity the artists molded into their works, but also the exhaustive research behind the creation of each work.

Not content to be merely a stack of pages between two covers, the scope of the work in the exhibition entices the visitor to explore, contemplate, and enjoy. Carpe Librum makes us want to pick up each book and peruse them lovingly until we’ve coaxed their secrets out of them. In other words, to seize the book!

Carpe Librum: The Art of the Book

Curated by Cynthia Sears and Hidde Van Duym

Bainbridge Island Arts and Crafts Gallery

 April 3 to April 26. 

151 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA (206) 842-3132,

Artists in the Exhibition:

Sam Garriott Antonacci
Mare Blocker
Lou Cabeen
MalPina Chan
Julie Chen
>Maralyn Crosetto
Elsi Vassdal Ellis
Timothy Ely
Jules Remedios Faye
An Gates
Donald Glaister
Mari Gower
Deborah Greenwood
Marsha Hollingsworth
Mark Hoppmann
Diane Jacobs
Roberta Lavadour
MJ Linford
Susan Lowdermilk
Dorothy McCuistion
Catherine Alice Michaelis
Shane Miller
Suzanne Moore
Chandler O’Leary
Carol Inderieden
Margaret Prentice
Chele Shepard
Donna Snow
Jessica Spring
Carolyn Terry
Barbara Tetenbaum
Sandy Tilcock
Jill Timm
Carolina Veenstra
Sande Wascher-James

Blog: Jane Carlin & Mark Hoppmann
Photo Credits: Jane Carlin
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