Everyone Has a Story to Tell

MalPina Chan Image revised     Everyone has a story to tell. I am not speaking about a simple tale, a joke, or about something that happened yesterday on the way to the forum. I am speaking of those personal narratives which make us different from one another. We may choose to write about ourselves, a person of interest, or we choose as MalPina Chan; to create a narrative about our ancestors and their journey to America. Creating a book as a work of art using a personal narrative is not an easy task but MalPina proves it is possible. Using original documents including original certificates of residence, certificates of identity, passports, immunization certificates, visas, photographs, or something as obscure as a head tax receipt, MalPina weaves not just a story of her ancestors journey but a book as an intricate work of art. Viewing her work, we get the impression they are more than a work of art or a personal narrative.   We are looking at history.

MalPina Chan was born in California and received her BFA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Her work is a continuing investigation of the transitory nature of the human condition, our connection to each other and to the natural world. Her portfolio includes works on paper, glass, mixed-media, and artist books. She is a graduate of the Artist Trust Edge Professional Development program and a recipient of an Artist Trust GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) in 2012.

To learn more about MalPina and her work visit her website: malpinachan.com

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