Endless Possibilities


Life would be easier if I didn’t have to agonize over each and every book I create.  One of the challenges I am faced with when I set out to create a new book is creating a balance between the illustrations which make up the theme of the book and the techniques which I will use in creating the book itself.  What materials will I use?  Wood, metal, glass, cord, ceramics, leather?  All of the above? Some, or none?  Maybe a little of each?  Which materials best fit the nature of the illustrations?  How will it be bound? Coptic or traditional stitching?  Or maybe something untried and untested?  What paper should I use?  And what about the illustrations? Should I use graphite?  India ink, Conte crayon, colored pencil?  And what about the techniques I should use for the medium I choose?  So many possibilities.   Of course, after all of the angst and agonizing, I find it’s always best to just begin…..

mark hoppmann

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