Wandering Book Artists – Peter and Donna Thomas, October 16, 2019, 2:00–3:30pm, A&SC Seminar Room, Collins Memorial Library

From their web site: http://www2.cruzio.com/~peteranddonna/

Imagine living in a tiny home and moving across the country to share your art? That is exactly what the wandering book artists, husband and wife, Peter and Donna Thomas do. They will be visiting Collins to share their story and it should be an interesting one for sure! Watch his music video with his ukulele – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygN-VMCSr0A.

Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists, who live and work in Santa Cruz, California but also travel around the country as “Wandering Book Artists” in their “Gypsy Wagon Artist’s Bookmobile.” Their journey to becoming wandering book artists began in the 1970s, when, dressed like Robin Hood and Maid Marion, they sold blank books at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires in California. They constructed a small gypsy wagon to use as their booth, a colorful and charming vehicle that they always dreamed of taking on a road trip around the country. But pulling that wagon was a white-knuckle adventure…it wobbled and rocked like a ship at storm. That wagon served them well for many years, until 2008 when it burned in a wildfire, leaving only a pile of melted metal and memories. They cleaned up the wreckage then, with the assistance of Raucina Cabinets in Midpines, CA, they started building a new and more roadworthy trailer, modeled after a “Reading” wagon, one of the many styles of horse drawn homes, or vardos, made for Romany travelers in England during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


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