Valentine Trivia Answers

  1. Only in power for forty days, this Italian was beloved for goodness:  Pope Valentine
  2. This composer is known for Heartfelt music:  Bruce Adolphe, The Tell Tale Heart Opera
  3. A comic with a sweet name:  John Candy
  4. An actress and dancer with a wandering spirit:  Gypsy Rose Lee
  5. Sweet Home, Arkansas is where this writer hails from:  Henry Dumas
  6. A trumpeter with a sweet personality:  Harry Sweets Edison
  7. Like Water, Like Chocolate: Alfonso Arau, Director of movie, Like Water for Chocolate
  8. We know he loves wine but hates Merlot:  Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti
  9. She has a lot of cards to her name:  Robin Wight (House of Cards)
  10. A legacy of red was left by this nurse:  Clara Barton
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