Distinguished Visitor at Collins Library

This week Collins Library was happy to host a very distinguished visitor: Flat Stanley. Stanley is a boy whose bulletin board flattens him one night in his bedroom. At first he is sad, but then he finds all sorts of things he is able to do when he is flat. He can fold himself up in an envelope and mail himself to visit friends in faraway places. Students in the Fulton Elementary School class of Mrs. Rosado, in the town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania (2, 700 miles away from Tacoma) sent Flat Stanley to the Collins Library for a visit. Flat Stanley is a book by Jeff Brown, first published in 1964. Since the publication, numerous adaptations of Flat Stanley have appeared and in 1995 the Flat Stanley Project was started by a teacher to foster communication and understanding amongst schoolchildren worldwide. Students send Flat Stanley to schools all around the world and Stanley then has a chance to learn about the community. Stanley is returned home in an envelope full of photos and stories about his visit. Stanley’s connection to Puget Sound: Jane Carlin’s grandniece, Madison Kauffman, is a student in Mrs. Rosado’s class at Fulton Elementary School. Check out some of these photos of Stanley at Puget Sound.

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