The 2014 Pulitzer Prizes, which honor excellence in journalism and the arts, will be announced on Monday, April 14th.

PulitzerPrizesTo see who the winners are please check the Pulitzer web site at:

In 1912, one year after Pulitzer’s death aboard his yacht, the Columbia School of Journalism was founded, and the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded in 1917 under the supervision of the advisory board to which he had entrusted his mandate. Pulitzer envisioned an advisory board composed principally of newspaper publishers. Others would include the president of Columbia University and scholars, and “persons of distinction who are not journalists or editors.” Today, the 19-member board is composed mainly of leading editors or news executives. Four academics also serve, including the president of Columbia University and the dean of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.


Joseph Pulitzer was born in Mako, Hungary on April 10, 1847, the son of a wealthy grain merchant of Magyar-Jewish origin and a German mother who was a devout Roman Catholic.  His younger brother, Albert, was trained for the priesthood but never attained it. The elder Pulitzer retired in Budapest and Joseph grew up and was educated there in private schools and by tutors.

To read about his work as a newspaper owner and editor, and more about his personal life, go to:

The Collins library also owns a number of biographies of Pulitzer, as well as many books on award winners in the various categories.  Just search ‘Pulitzer’ in Puget Sound WorldCat to discover more.

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