Sound Ideas: Open Access at Puget Sound

Sound Ideas represents the scholarship and creative works of the faculty, staff and students of the University of Puget Sound. Organized and made accessible by Collins Memorial Library, Sound Ideas demonstrates our institutional commitment to helping enrich the global academic community through sharing and collaboration.

Sound Ideas provides faculty members a venue for posting iterations of their published work, in compliance with their publishers’ license, resulting in increased user access, as well as providing a means of complying with the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act. Faculty members who are unsure about what a publisher’s license permits in relation to posting work on personal websites or institutional repositories can contact their liaison librarian for a consultation.

Faculty members can self-submit their work to Sound Ideas if they’ve retained the required rights. First time users will need to create an account, while returning users can simply login, fill out a form with descriptive information, and upload their work.

Sound Ideas content is accessed by users around the world

Notable scholarly collections:

  • Faculty Scholarship in Sound Ideas
    This collection acts as a partial index of faculty members’ published works. Where possible, we have provided links to summary or full text versions of these works.
  • Conferences & Events in Sound Ideas
    The University of Puget Sound is host to many conferences and special events throughout the year. These collections include program information, proceedings and videos from the events.
  • Race & Pedagogy Journal
    This peer-reviewed OA journal provides a forum for cultivating  critical discussions around the issues of teaching and race in an effort to mitigate the effects of discrimination and structural racism, and thereby, improve education for all students. R&PJ is managed and edited by the University of Puget Sound under the auspices of the Race and Pedagogy Institute.

Some journal publishers allow authors to pay for individual articles to be fully Open Access. Fees vary, but can be significant at times. The University Enrichment Committee facilitates funding opportunities for faculty members seeking Open Access or other publication fees. Details can be found on the Faculty Research Guidelines Document.

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