Say Hello to Tipasa! Get to know your new Interlibrary Loan System!

Later this month on August 22nd our interlibrary loan ILLiad software will be moving to OCLC’s cloud based system called Tipasa. The transition should be seamless.

  • Your user record will be moved, but not your borrowing history. If you are interested, you can print your request history from the old ILLiad system for your reference.
  • You will be able to access your ILL articles on the old ILLiad system for 30 days by using this link [link to].

Unfortunately, we were unable to migrate your ILL request history or received articles from ILLiad to Tipasa. Please make sure you download your received articles and print any history before October 1, 2018.  Visit our ILL page for more information and to access Tipasa [link to]!

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