Puget Sound benefits from our partnership with the Orbis Cascade Alliance!

If you have ever borrowed a book via Summit, found an e-book or watched a streaming video, chances are that many of those services are available due to the collaboration of Collins Memorial Library with the regional library consortium, the Orbis Cascade Alliance.  This vital organization of 37 libraries working together to deliver services and collections enhances your ability to conduct research and support study and learning at Puget Sound.

Collins Librarians play a pivotal role in the Alliance, serving on many committees that impact accessibility, cataloging, purchases and the technical infrastructure.  During the last year, the Alliance worked together to increase access to media and full-text resources to provide you with materials to support your study.

We are so fortunate to partner with the community of academic libraries in the region to share resources and expertise and add value to the academic experience.

Read more here:  https://www.orbiscascade.org/about/roi-fy2021/

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