New to Tacoma? Learn about our city by viewing these great resources published by the Tacoma Historical Society!

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Speaking Out About Dreams That Matter
This two-part presentation highlights some of the people who have fought for civil rights and social justice from throughout Tacoma’s history. The presentation supplements previous research with new interviews with several leaders that we’ve conducted this summer via Zoom.

The presentations aired in August as part of a Tacoma Public Library webinar series and are now freely available on YouTube:

Part One:
Part Two:

COVID-19 Diary Project
Tacoma Historical Society is collecting diary entries (both text and audio options are available) which will be saved for posterity, to help future residents and historians understand what this 2020 experience has been like for those in the Tacoma area. Anyone is welcome to contribute:

Tales of Tacoma Blog
Tacoma Historical Society has launched a new blog, Tales of Tacoma, which is geared towards inviting students and Tacoma residents of all ages to contribute stories about Tacoma history. THS welcomes teachers interested in incorporating an assignment into their class to reach out to discuss more details. To view the blog and find out more about participating, visit:

Tacoma Historical Society has made three titles from our ’21 Tales’ series, which are geared towards K-8 students, available as audiobooks, to be more accessible during the pandemic.

Find them on our podcast platform here:

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