New in the Popular Collection: “The Remedy” By Thomas Goetz

RemedyIn this nonfiction title, Goetz takes readers behind the scenes of a marvelous tale of hubris and ambition involving two of history’s greatest men.

In 1890, Dr. Robert Koch announced his cure in Berlin for century’s deadliest disease: tuberculosis.  Among the many euphoric citizens who came to celebrate Dr. Koch’s achievements was none other than the revered Arthur Conan Doyle, a fellow doctor who had his suspicions when rumors surrounding the cure first began.  Amid the frenzy of Koch’s success, Conan Doyle secretly traversed the areas of “treated” patients only to find that Koch’s remedy was false.

At this point, Arthur Conan Doyle had no choice but to reveal Dr. Koch for the charlatan he was, but who would the world believe?

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