Life Skills Collection: De-Stress this November

mindGreetings, Loggers! The Pacific Northwest winter is almost upon us. Projects, deadlines, and final exams approach. Right now, you may be wondering how to keep your sanity as you tackle the rest of the semester or if the sun will ever shine again – this time of year can be gloomy and stressful. Don’t let “Gloom-vember” get you down! Remember, it’s ok to press pause and take a break to re-charge your creative energy.

Managing your time, practicing self-care, and handling stress effectively will help improve your mood and your academic performance. In addition to providing practical information about other topics, the Life Skills Collection at Collins Library has many resources to help you get organized, stay positive, and prevent anxiety at the busiest times of your academic life. Here are our top picks to beating stress this November!

  • Feeling anxious? Consult The 10 Best Anxiety Busters for simple techniques and effective remedies for worry and anxiety, whether chronic or in the moment.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is no joke in the PNW! If the weather has you feeling gloomier than usual or if the challenges of college life are taking a toll, Managing Your Depression: What You Can Do to Feel Better offers essential information about the basics of mental health and advice for managing depression. Similarly, Mind Over Mood recommends strategies for coping with emotional distress, setting personal goals, maintaining progress, and improving confidence.
  • Be a friend! If you notice a friend or peer struggling, offer your support. When Someone You Know Has Depression is a concise and practical guide with specific suggestions for what to say and how to encourage others during difficult times.
  • Mindfulness is growing in popularity as a means for reducing stress and anxiety. Mindfulness: A Practical Guide can help you form a practice to improve your mood and focus on the present. Or, take advice from the folks at Google! Search Inside Yourself is based on a popular course used at Google headquarters and offers strategies for increasing your mental well-being and enhancing productivity and creativity.
  • Finally, get organized! Making a plan and organizing your thoughts will save you time and frustration as you tackle those end-of-the-semester projects. Check out Getting Organized in the Google Era for tips on using technology to manage your time or browse through recommendations in The Organized Mind for handling information overload.

These resources (and many more) will help you balance your obligations without comprising your mental health. Don’t wait to seek out the support you need to excel this semester. Maintain a positive outlook by practicing self-care, knowing your resources, and taking a break (they’re good for you!).

The Life Skills Collection is located in the Learning Commons, on the first floor of Collins Library. Learn more on the companion guide devoted to the Life Skills Collection and discover many more resources at the University of Puget Sound!

By Katy Curtis, Humanities Librarian

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