Hoover’s Company Profiles: A New Business Database for Firm Research

hoovers_logoOver the summer the library added a subscription to Hoover’s Company Profiles, a database that contains proprietary information about public and non-public companies and their key executives. Each company record includes a company overview, history, products, and operations, subsidiaries and affiliates, competitors, and financials.

Be attentive, while the initial view (the fact sheet) of the company report has useful information, Hoover’s real benefit can be found by digging deeper in to the report by clicking links like ‘Full Overview’ and ‘More Financials’ to access the full content available.

I foresee Hoover’s Company Profiles being particularly useful in Business & Leadership classes such as BUS 205: Financial Accounting, BUS 416: Financial Reporting and Analysis, but I’m sure enterprising students could figure out ways to use this resource in a number of other classes that deal with firm information.

By Ben Tucker

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