Behind the Archives Door: October 6, 4:30 p.m., featuring Suzanne Moore, “A Musings in Honor of Aileen Kane”

Musings_redImagePlease join us for Behind the Archives Door featuring Suzanne Moore – a letter artist, painter, and printmaker whose eclectic interests meld in the diversity of her artists’ books. Her books blend abstract and representational imagery, rich color and surface treatments with textual content and contemporary lettering to create work that obscures the line between word and image. Moore recently completed her work celebrating Aileen Kane, centered on the letter “A.” Moore uses historical, symbolic, and spiritual aspects of the letter A in her work, A Musings for Aileen. The book was commissioned by the Collins Library, and will serve as a reminder of Aileen’s dedication to language and literacy as well as offering students a contemporary example of historical manusBIGCALLOUT_SuzanneMoorecript principles.

After our regular lecture all are invited to a reception at 5:30 to celebrate Aileen and completion of Suzanne Moore’s book, A Musings for Aileen.

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