Events/Exhibits in Collins Library – Spring 2019


  • Exhibit: February 1 – May 20, Transforming Knowledge: Altered Encyclopedias, Collins Library exhibit space.
    This exhibit features altered encyclopedias made by local artists. This exhibit provides the opportunity to reflect upon our relationship with the printed word and the future of libraries. We are grateful to the participating artists who have transformed the discarded volumes into new and vibrant works of art that reflect a rebirth of ideas. The exhibit also features photographs from local artist Sharon Styer as well as a number of books about books, knowledge, and libraries.
  • February 20: Behind the Archives Door: Regina Glenn, Archives Lecture, 4:00–5:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.


  • Exhibit: March 12 – May 20, Sarah Bodman:  Read to MeA psychometric collaboration with objects, Collins Library exhibit space.
    An experiment by the artist British artist Sarah Bodman in collaboration with a psychometric reader, to transmit the emotional content of selected narratives through a series of physical objects. The artist selected 10 objects to read stories to. They were then posted to the reader who relayed the objects’ messages back to the artist to produce an artist’s book. Read To Me is touring with an exhibition of the artist’s book and a selection of the original objects which were read, until December 2019.  Produced at the London Centre for Book Arts in a risograph printed edition of 100. You can read more about the development of the project in a photo essay written for Axon: Creative Explorations, a free access online journal:
  • March 26: Botanizing Hope—Mentors, methods and materials, Presentation by Seattle Artist Lou Cabeen, 4:00–5:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
    In this informal, illustrated artist lecture Lou Cabeen will share the sources of inspiration that led to her current body of work which includes stitched artist books, letterpress printing and embroidery.  The works in this lecture include the first fruits of her research into phytoremediation, a potential site of problematic hope in the face of lives lived in the midst of toxicity. She will also discuss her earlier work with environmental themes and her desire to make work that engages the current ecological crisis without being immobilized by despair.
    Lou Cabeen is a Seattle artist who works with a range of media including maps, textiles, stitching and collage.  Making artist books allows her to fully explore the power of tactile experience in communicating her ideas. She uses cloth, paper and stitching in order to emphasize the tactile nature of private experience, and to reveal the textures of subjective thought.
    Lou’s most recent work is inspired by environmental issues, from coal mining to watershed protection.   Learn more about Lou’s creative work at:
    This presentation is supported by the Puget Sound Book Artists organization.
  • March 29: Carolyn Baugh Lecture, Carolyn Baugh is the Associate Professor of History at Gannon University, the Director of the Women’s Studies Program, as well as the Director of the Refugee Oral History Program. Dr. Baugh will focus on the Voice of Erie Oral History Project in which students at Gannon University work to preserve refugees’ personal histories and experiences.
    This presentation is funded by the Council of Independent Colleges in Support of the Collins Library Finding Voice: Digital Narratives Project. 1:30–3:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
  • March 30: Beta Theta Pi Exhibit, (March 30–April 20), Beta Theta Pi-Delta Epsilon Chapter is going to have alumni and campus event at the University of Puget Sound, to celebrate its 1000th member and 53rd anniversary.
    The Delta Epsilon Chapter was established on December 1,1961 and had operated until June 2011, when the National Fraternity closed the original chapter. However, two years later, forty-two strong had officially begun the process of re-colonization, and in the March of 2018, the Chapter was re-established.
    Beta Theta Pi- Delta Epsilon Chapter is a vital member of the campus community. The Delta Epsilon has the highest GPA of all fraternities on the UPS campus and best risk management.
    Beta Theta Pi-Delta Epsilon will host an exhibition in the Collins Memorial Library from March 30th to April 13th, 2019. The exhibition will feature the chapter’s historical artifacts, a banner with the Chapter’s notable alumni, and a giant flag featuring pictures of every member of the Delta Epsilon Chapter. Gallery Room, Collins Library.


  • April 1: Edible Books Festival, Gallery Room/Reading Rooms, Collins Library.
  • April 1: Family Fun Night in the Makerspace: Because Edible Books are fun to see, on April 1st we will also be offering a family fun night in the Makerspace. This will be a great opportunity to bring a child and a friend to see the space. We will have a make your own book station and an adult supervised paper marbling class. 5:00-6:30pm, Makerspace, Collins Library.
  • April 1: Opening Reception: Transforming Knowledge: Altered Encyclopedias, 5:00-6:30pm, Refreshments in Gallery Room, Collins Library.
  • April 12th, Archives & Special Collections Open House for Spring Weekend. Interested in the history of Puget Sound? Join us in the Archives & Special Collections to view documents and artifacts from Puget Sound’s past. Drop by this casual event to learn more about the history of our Lu’au, student life on campus over the years, and the physical buildings and grounds of Puget Sound, 3:00-4:00pm, Archives & Special Collections, 2nd floor, Collins Library.
  • April 17: Faculty/Staff Publication Recognition Display Event, 4:00-5:00pm,
    East Reading Room, Collins Library.
  • April 18: AHSS Awards Reception, 3:30-4:30pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
  • April 24: London Ctr For Book Arts: Simon Goode/Ira Yonemura, 3:00-4:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
  • April 25: Book Collecting Contest Reception, 4:30-5:30pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
  • April 26: Music in the Library (Harps), 3:00-3:20pm, West Reading Room, Collins Library.
  • April 29:  Lecture: Diagonals and Parallels: Exploratory Intersections in Music, Archives, and Feminist Praxis, Megan Mitchell ’12 traverses the intersections of music, gender, and social justice in various capacities. As proprietor of the index of female/trans/non-binary composers of experimental music, Many Many Women, she acts as a media equity advocate. She is the audio archivist for the music producer, Randall Dunn, as well as a field recordist, vocalist, and musician. 3:00–4:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library.
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