Collins Library Links – Special Edition: Focus on the Race & Pedagogy Conference


Collins Library Links – Special Edition
Focus on the Race & Pedagogy Conference

Librarian Lori Ricigliano has put together a number of useful resources associated with the upcoming Conference.  We encourage you to share this information with your students and colleagues.  We are also pleased to announce a special student issue of the Race & Pedagogy Journal described below.

2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference Library Guide
This guide includes works by keynote speakers featured at the 2018 Race and Pedagogy National Conference with links to full text articles and video clips. The books are on three day reserve. In addition there are conference related links and information about conference exhibits in the library.

2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference PreK-12 Educators Personal and Professional Resources
This collection of print and non-print resources was compiled by teachers, university faculty, and community members who collaboratively developed the PreK-12 Teachers and Students Unlearning Racism strand as a part of the 2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference. It is a starting place for continued exploration about centering race and unlearning racism.

Coming soon!  A special student issue of the Race and Pedagogy Journal will feature the work of individual Master of Arts in Teaching students’ experiences with race and racism during student teaching in K-12 classrooms in Spring 2018.

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