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New Library Search – Important Information for Faculty

You recently received an email message concerning the new library system that will be implemented in early June.  This email provides additional information associated with the system and its implementation.

  1. Summer Classes:  There will be a short period in early June (the exact date is yet to be determined) when library services will be interrupted for approximately 2 days.  We recommend, for those of you teaching this summer, that you utilize Moodle as much as possible for required readings.  During our implementation there may be minor disruptions to reserve services.  We will send updates to all faculty teaching this summer as more information becomes available.
  2. After Implementation:  The following systems will be replaced by the new system and will no longer be available:  Collins Catalog, Journal Locator and Puget Sound WorldCat.  The new system will provide an integrated search to resources held by Puget Sound, Alliance Libraries and from most of our subscribed databases.  The search interface will be different, and we will provide user guides and offer information sessions.
  3. Summit Borrowing:  Summit borrowing will still be available.  However, the process will be a little different.  Once the final cohort of Alliance libraries implement the system in January 2015, we will have a new method of requesting Summit materials.
  4. Request a Hold:  A new feature in the system will provide the opportunity for users to place holds on items currently checked out.  This feature is now available only for items required for reserves.
  5. Overdue Materials:  There’s still time to return material that you currently have checked-out, and this would be greatly appreciated as we prepare for this transition.  Especially if you have any long overdue materials.
  6. Fines and Bills:  In preparation for implementation, the library has completed an inventory of long overdue books.  This has resulted in identifying hundreds of items that have been out of circulation, often for years.  We have also been reviewing the costs associated with late return of ILL items and lost Summit items.  The Library is responsible for covering the cost of these items. This not only impacts our budget, but involves staff time.  Prior to implementation, we will complete the inventory process and update all user records.  In some cases, we will have to declare items missing and remove them from the collection.  Once we complete implementation, all users will receive reports that document costs incurred by the library.  This action has been discussed by LMIS.

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