Botanizing Hope—Mentors, methods and materials, Presentation by Seattle Artist Lou Cabeen, March 26th, 4:00–5:00pm, Archives Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Collins Library

In this informal, illustrated artist lecture Lou Cabeen will share the sources of inspiration that led to her current body of work which includes stitched artist books, letterpress printing and embroidery. The works in this lecture include the first fruits of her research into phytoremediation, a potential site of problematic hope in the face of lives lived in the midst of toxicity. She will also discuss her earlier work with environmental themes and her desire to make work that engages the current ecological crisis without being immobilized by despair.

Lou Cabeen is a Seattle artist who works with a range of media including maps, textiles, stitching and collage. Making artist books allows her to fully explore the power of tactile experience in     communicating her ideas. She uses cloth, paper and stitching in order to emphasize the tactile nature of private experience, and to reveal the textures of subjective thought.

Lou’s most recent work is inspired by environmental issues, from coal mining to watershed protection. Learn more about Lou’s creative work at:

Supported by the Puget Sound Book Artists Organization (PSBA)



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