So I interviewed for one of the Coords positions (Orientation Program Coordinator aka the student coordinators in charge of planning a huge part of the Orientation experience, like training all the other leaders) yesterday. The Coords for next Orientation have an especially big task ahead of them because our entire Orientation program is being reworked and overhauled.

And you know what? I feel pretty good about it.

I had some other leaders over last night and they helped me do a practice interview. And it really went well! They asked really helped me work through answers to potential questions and made me notice potential interview pitfalls (they asked harder questions than the ones I got this morning, haha). It also helped get me into the right mindset for an interview.

And honestly, the only thing I think that wasn’t ideal this morning was starting at 8AM. Yeah I know, 8AM interview, I was not excited.

Even facing down 7 interviewers (4 pro staff and 3 past coordinators) wasn’t that bad! Well, I did know everyone in that room, so that might have helped.

But even though I think everything ran smoothly, I still wish I had said more. I answered the best I could at the time, but now that I’ve had some time to think (and look at my notes from my practice interview), I have a bit more to say.

So, here are just some of my updated answers:

What is your greatest weakness?

I think my greatest weakness is letting go and practice good self care habits. When I work on a project and plan an event, I always find myself getting too into the work. I completely lose myself in my work. You may think it’s great to love what you do and be hardworking, but there is a limit. At a certain point, your health, both physically and mentally, are affected. Trust me, I’ve been there.

And I think that I really just need to work on letting go and being able to take a step back, even if it’s just to take a breath. Sometimes that all you need.

But I think that being on the Coord team would help me work on that immensely. The four of us, undertaking this monumental task together, we’re gonna need to be each other’s support systems. It’ll be an amazing environment to help me work on myself while helping others.

What is your vision for Orientation?

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, actually. People struggle with change and generally dislike it, especially when it’s to something so many love like Orientation. I mean, look at how many amazing leaders we have every year (around 100)! But I really want to frame this new Orientation as an adventure to help leaders, both new and returning, transition into this new program.

This new orientation will be a journey. We’re entering the unknown, exploring uncharted territory. Yeah it’s gonna be scary, and yeah it’s gonna be tough. But you know what? We’ll be together. A team, a community, a family.

Not everything will go according to plan, and that’s fine. That’s what adventure is about, figuring out what does and does not work, exploring new things whenever you can.

This is gonna be an incredible adventure and I’m just so excited, whether it is once again as a leader or as a Coord.

Why do you want to be a Coord?

I live, breathe and bleed Orientation. This program has honestly been life changing for me. From the very second I finished my first Orientation as a leader last year, I was counting down the days until this year’s Orientation.

One of the main themes of Orientation is: Challenge, Comfort, Connect. Challenge you to push yourself and try new things. Comfort you as are introduced to hundred new things at once, which can be overwhelming. And Connect you to some amazing people.

So a big thing I took away from that first Orientation was how to be vulnerable and how to be okay with it. By day two of training, I was spilling my guts out to people I had known for less than 48 hours. I learned how to be very real with myself and others and be perfectly comfortable with it. And that was really life-changing.

It’s something that I’ve applied into my life a lot. Be it with close friends or strangers I’ve barely met, I’m a lot more true to myself. I’m happier. And that’s thanks to this incredible program. It challenged me, comforted me and connected me.

And I just wanna give back and help facilitate life-changing experiences for other people as well.

I find out Tuesday (the 21st) whether I got the job.

But you know what? I think I’m gonna be happy whether or not I get it. Because I know I gave it my all and tried my best. I don’t think I could’ve done it any better. And I’m perfectly happy being a regular leader again.

Also, I’m house sitting over Thanksgiving and there is a 12 year old dog and 17 year old cat. So that’s pretty awesome.

Thank you to Chloe, Laura, Kat and Matt for practice interviewing me. I seriously can’t thank you guys enough.