RISE: A Sophomore Internship Experience

The Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience 

Experiential Learning is offering a new opportunity! This Spring, Experiential Learning is launching a new component of the Summer Immersion Internship Programs (SIIP). The course, called RISE, offered only to sophomores, will give students the opportunity to earn a .25 academic credit for an internship participation. RISE will allow students to connect academic learning with career exploration, building knowledge in their area of interest and preparing them to move confidently towards a career field.

RISE can be broken down into five simple components:

Enroll in EXLN 201
The 80 minute, .25 credit, class will meet once per week for five weeks, during the Spring 2018 term. Six sections of the class will be offered, each capped at 25 students. Students must enroll in the class for the Spring 2018 term. Class times are as follows:

      • Monday: 12:00-1:20PM
      • Monday: 5:00-6:20PM
      • Tuesday: 5:00-6:20PM
      • Wednesday: 5:00-6:20PM
      • Thursday: 5:00-6:20PM
      •  Friday: 12:00-1:20PM

Attend 5 classes
Class topics include: Cover Letters & Resumes, Interviews, Internship Search, and Applications. During class sessions, students will learn how to prepare career documents for an internship search and get help identifying internship opportunities.

Intern Over the Summer
During the summer, students will participate in internships. These internships can be both paid or unpaid. Local internship opportunities will be cultivated via Experiential Learning at Puget Sound. Students may also locate their own internship or consult with Career and Employment Services to find an internship. Internships may be at local, national, or international sites. If a student chooses to intern at a local site, very low-cost, on-campus housing will be made available.

Develop Valuable Skills
Internships are heavily based upon learning. I personally found my interning experience valuable because, among other things, it taught me whether or not I wanted to continue to pursue a career in that field and showed me what I value in a workplace. For more about why internships are important, read this CNN article.

Tell Your Story
Students will articulate the narrative of their experience via a final project, by developing an ePortfolio.

Have questions? Come to my office hours!
Monday from 3-4PM and Thursday from 11AM-12PM in Diversions