To Do List: No Negativity

This is the thing I wrote at the bottom of the actual to-do-list that I have tacked up on my wall. I wrote down “get good grades” and underneath I wrote a caveat for one of my classes that I feel like I haven’t done so well in. When I noticed that, I crossed it out, and wrote “NO NEGATIVITY” in capital letters at the bottom.

It’s still something that I struggle with. I’ve always been an optimistic pessimist, if that makes sense– the glass can be half full or half empty, depending on if someone just filled it or emptied it. However, I tend towards the view of someone recently emptying it. It’s something I am working on, especially when things do not always go to plan.
I should have started working earlier, I tell myself. I should have tried to translate that obscure article in Italian (even though I don’t actually know Italian) so that I can really know what this person meant when they cited them. Being a perfectionist can be helpful sometimes, but when it comes to finals time, perfect is the enemy of good. I just wanted to bring this up in a short blog post in case others are struggling like me with finding the bright side in life at this time of year. You may or may not also have depression, like me, but still– I wanted to give out the reminder that you are smart, you are important, and, most importantly, you are likely doing better than you think. Especially since finals just ended! I bet you did amazing at them; even if you didn’t know that one answer, you still did well! 🙂

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