Things I Accomplished This Semester (and a Few Things I Didn’t Do So Well)

Well, we’re here. At the end of the semester. Most of our exams have come and gone*; memories were had, friends were made, and we are slowly coming to the process of goodbyes, both for those of us who aren’t coming back next semester and for those who have had all of their finals and returned back to their homes to prepare for another semester of learning.
I personally accomplished a lot of things; I will use this space to reflect on them. Seeing as I am leaving for Prague in a little more than a month now, I thought I should consider what I have done and what I should do better next time around. Here goes!

Accomplishments — I did well in academic things, I made some new friends, I spent some quality time with the friends I had already made, I did laundry once a week (!!!!), I got started on some really good TV shows, and I took steps to improve my mental health while doing all of this!

Things I wish I did better — Blogging! (I’d planned on doing this more often, but I kept putting it off; I kept thinking “I need to do this for special events so people don’t hate me” — but blogging isn’t a special occasion, blogging is supposed to be about your life! I ranted to my friends about the anthropology of the Puritans, so why didn’t I make a post about it?); de-stressing myself, studying a bit every day instead of all at once, and so on.**

I’m completely done with finals, and in a few hours I will leave campus until next fall.*** Given that I’m 5 semesters through my planned 8 here at UPS, I thought this would be cool to do and maybe look back on. Good luck everyone, and have a good break!
* Except for everyone who still has Friday finals. Good luck to all of you, and you’ll be going home soon!

** I know that I advised everyone to do a little every day last week, but I have never been good at taking my own advice.

***Maybe. I live about an hour away, so I might come visit my friends and say something like “haha you guys have class in January when I’m not going to have it until February!” ****

**** Of course, I don’t have a Spring Break either and I end a bit after everyone here at UPS so it all evens out eventually.

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