FYI – K20 Announcement of fiber damage from the storm.  No issues have been reported yet as a result.


CURRENT EVENT START  : 12/13/10 22:22 PST



  This notice is being sent to all K20 customers.  We probably should have sent this notice sooner.

  WSIPC is part of a 14 site outage caused by a fiber break which occurred last night at 22:22 pm.  That specific outage is being tracked in our ticket 940112.

  As many customers have noticed, WSIPC services such as hosted DNS, email, and some applications such as Skyward and Citrix are affected.

  These WSIPC services will be down until the outage can be resolved.  At this time, the fiber provider is working on providing an alternate path for the affected transport circuits but there is still no ETR at this time.


K20 Network Operations                  Network Operations Center                                     888-934-5551


                     DETAILED OUTAGE HISTORY

 K20 Area Wide

  FIRST DOWN: 12/13/10 22:22 PST


 TOTAL DOWN TIME: 15 hours 10 minutes


    12/13/10 22:22 PST – ?