Cascade Release 10.10 – 10.13.2010

Cascade Release 10.10 was installed on October 13, 2010. This release included the following features and fixes:

  • Fix Meal Plan Load For Student Faculty (tracker CAS-134)
  • Expand First Name on Reimbursement Oracle Form (tracker CAS-135)
  • Fix Refund Amount Display on Refund Approval (tracker CAS-67)
  • Modify Load Budget Equal to Actual to Exclude Certain Orgn Codes (tracker CAS-117)
  • Fix FOAPAL Search Menu From Budget Administration (tracker CAS-98)
  • Create Emergency Response Class Location Report (tracker CAS-37)
  • Fix Capitalization on Student Statements (CAS-130)
  • WA State Annual Unit Record Support (CAS-131)