Recap: Long Night Against Procrastination!

by Jasmine Kaneshiro, writing advisor

Last night, the CWLT hosted the Long Night Against Procrastination from 3pm to 1am, and I would say that it was pretty successful! After two full hours of practice for the Hawaii Club’s annual Lu’au, I came to the CWLT with ambitions of finishing a biology assignment, studying for an upcoming exam, and starting essay. When I walked through the door, I was greeted by a strange, yet somehow endearing balloon head with a newspaper hat and a group of students who were intently coloring Disney characters. A few students were doing econ homework at a table that had been clearly claimed by craft supplies (including uncooked rice and balloons for stress ball making). Long Night was in full swing.

Though I didn’t get quite as much work done as expected, I enjoyed the study breaks and the hearty German pretzels. Maya led us in a guided meditation focusing on home, and just before midnight, we played a great game game of Sardines, in which I ended up crouched behind a recycling bin in the basement of Howarth. (I didn’t even know this floor existed until last night.) After the last people had found the group of us hiding near the elevator shaft, I decided it was time to home.

Here are some photos from the night, to give you a sense of the fun that ensued!


Smiles all around!



Garrett hiding (or not hiding?) behind the welcome whiteboard and the balloon head that could be described as unsettling, friendly, or all of the above.


The finished works of art!