We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler, aka: Lemony Snicket

WeArePiratesThe mega-bestselling author has written a book for adults that will charm (and probably disturb) you as much as The Series of Unfortunate Events did.

Most of us probably know him as gothic humorist Lemony Snicket, but now, Daniel Handler is back and writing under his real name.

We Are Pirates is a story about the pursuit of happiness and the wild journeys we may or may not take beyond the confines of ordinary life. Phil and Gwen are father and daughter, each yearning for an adventure of their own in order to escape their trivial realities. Phil hits the road with his attractive assistant, Gwen gathers a ragtag crew and heads for the sea. Sprinkled with Handler’s dark wit, We Are Pirates is sure to keep you laughing, cringing, and ultimately thinking.

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