The Lioness is the Hunter

LionessIsHunterWhen the body count rises to two, one of which was employing you, where would you turn?

Detroit entrepreneur Carl Fannon hires Walker to trace Emil Haas, his partner, who has suddenly disappeared. Almost immediately, the missing man shows up and asks the detective to meet him in the empty Sentinel to discuss a top-secret concern. Walker finds not Haas, but Fannon’s suffocated corpse locked in a basement vault.

When Gwendolyn Haas, the partner’s adult daughter, enters the picture, the client number rises to three, including one missing and one murdered. But the worst is yet to come: Emil Haas’ “concern” is that Fannon has been buying up depressed real estate on behalf of Madam Sing– believed to have been executed in Asia for capital crimes without number…

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