The Gap of Time, first installment of the Hogarth Shakespeare program, now available in the Popular Collection

GapInTimeJeanette Winterson’s twist on The Winter’s Tale is “an elegant retelling of Shakespeare” – The Guardian.

The Hogarth Shakespeare program from Vintage Books is commissioning some of the world’s most talented and recognized authors to recreate Shakespeare’s classic works. The first title in the collection is Winterson’s The Gap of Time, a retelling of one of Shakespeare’s later plays, The Winter’s Tale, which tells the story of a jealous king who miraculously reunites with his daughter years after she was banished from the kingdom.

In this cover, we move from London after the 2008 financial crisis to an American city devastated by natural disaster. It is a tale of childhood friendship, money, status, technology, the nature of time, jealousy, and redemption.

More Hogarth Shakespeare, including titles from Gillian Flynn, Jo Nesbo, and Margaret Atwood, will be released/available in the Popular Collection in 2016 and beyond. In the meantime, check out The Gap of Time and the rest of the collection today!

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