Springer Tools: LaTeX Search – Find Math & Science Formulas!

Latex Code - formulaFrom Springer, a leading publisher of scientific and professional information, comes LaTeX search.  Mainly of interest to faculty and students in math and science.  This tool allows you to search for formulas within Springer journals.

LaTeXSearch, a free service provided by Springer, affords the scientific community the ability to search for LaTeX code within scientific publications.  LaTeXSearch allows users to locate and view the following:

  • Equations containing specific LaTeX code.
  • Equations containing LaTeX code that is similar to another LaTeX string.
  • All equations belonging to a specific DOI.
  • All equations belonging to an article or articles with a particular word or phrase in their title.

“The Springer LaTeX search lets you search through over 5,033,304 LaTeX code snippets to find the equation you need.”


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