Spotlight: People Making a Difference at Collins – Samantha Wilk

My name is Samantha Wilk, and I am a sophomore. I am majoring in politics and government, with a minor in environmental policy and decision-making and an emphasis in global development studies. I am from Washington, and next spring I will be going abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark. That still hasn’t sunk in yet—it’s less than a year away! I’m thinking about working with nonprofits after graduation, but I’m leaving my options open. I love to read, run—particularly outside when the weather allows it, and ride horses. I became a learning commons assistant the spring of my freshman year, and take care of the printers, reference books, and minor computer problems. I like being able to help people out and get them what they need, whether it’s a specific book or a printing problem. Another nice thing about my job is that I can do schoolwork when it’s quiet. Working in the library, I appreciate the fact that the library is always warm! It’s nice on those cold wet days that Washington excels in, and it is an excellent place to study.

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