Spotlight: People Making a Difference at Collins – Jared Honda

My name is Jared Honda and I am a freshman here at the University of Puget Sound majoring in Mathematics and hoping to receive a double major with Exercise Science.  I just recently became a part of Greek Life here on campus. I am also part of the leadership of the FCA club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, on campus and a member of the Lighthouse club as well. Most of my time here on campus is given to the football program as I am a linebacker for the school’s football team.

I am currently working at the front desk of the library for work study to help pay for my education. I mostly work the closing shifts at the library as I walk through the four floors to make sure the library is clean and ready for the next day of studying for other students. I also check out books to students as well as answer any questions that students may have about the library. My career goal is to become an NFL football coach. However, I will probably end up being a high school math teacher and a high school football coach. I am looking forward to the next three years of college and to help my team bring back the winning mentality to the football program here on campus. Go Loggers!

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