Science Stories: A collaborative exhibit showcasing Book Artists and Scientists. Coming to the University of Puget Sound winter and spring 2021.

This exhibit is a collaboration between the Slater Museum of Natural History,  the Collins Memorial Library, with support from the Puget Sound Book Artists organization and Art/Sci Salons sponsored by the University of Puget Sound.  This exhibition that will pair book artists and scientists together.  The artist will interpret scientific research in an artist’s book form.  This is an exciting opportunity to showcase both local scientists and educators as well as provide the opportunity for close collaboration with respected local artists who can visualize and interpret science in new and inspiring ways.

A good example of this type of work is by artist and Professor Emeritus from The Evergreen State College, Lucia Harrison.  The Nisqually Delta Restoration Puzzle is an example of how an artist has used scientific research, as well as concerns about our environment, to inform and inspire their work.  Professor Harrison will be co-curating this exhibition and working closely with Collins Library Director, Jane Carlin and Peter Wimberger, Professor and Director of the Slater Museum.

[Images From top: 1.) Nisqually Delta Restoration Puzzle, Artist Book, 16″ x 16″ (2015) 2.) This Stretch of Riches, by Lucia Harrison and Sharon A. Sharp, Archival Digital Printing on Mohawk Superfine, Box, 16″ x 6″ x 5″ (2008) 3.) Ancient Forests of Frying Pan Creek, Detail (2018) 4.) Notes For a Natural History Encyclopedia Volume II: Atlas (2002)]

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