Exhibit: March 12 – May 12, 2019, Sarah Bodman: Read to Me: A psychometric collaboration with objects

An experiment by the artist British artist Sarah Bodman in collaboration with a psychometric reader, to transmit the emotional content of selected narratives through a series of physical objects. The artist selected 10 objects to read stories to. They were then posted to the reader who relayed the objects’ messages back to the artist to produce an artist’s book. Read To Me is touring with an exhibition of the artist’s book and a selection of the original objects which were read, until December 2019.  Produced at the London Centre for Book Arts, this is the first showing in the United States.  You can read more about the development of the project in a photo essay written for Axon: Creative Explorations, a free access online journal:  https://www.axonjournal.com.au/issue-14/read-me.  Collins Library exhibit space.



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