Posting/Publishing your Research? A brief guide for students at Puget Sound

Whether in print or on the Web, follow these guidelines

Step 1

Have you read the University Policy on Intellectual Property Rights?
which covers rights of faculty, students, and staff. This policy will help you understand the next steps.

Step 2

Ask Yourself these questions:

  1. Are you working with a faculty member on a faculty run, faculty-supervised or faculty-sponsored project? 
    If so, the faculty member owns the Intellectual Property.  You cannot post this
    research without the permission of the faculty member.  In addition, faculty members
    are expected to acknowledge your assistance or co-authorship when appropriate. 
  2. Are you completing work while acting as an employee of the University or as an elected officer of the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound? 
    If so, you must check with your supervisor or department head prior to posting the work.
  3. Did you receive external funding from a grant, a foundation or a private donor? 
    If so, you must conform to the requirements of the external agency.
  4. Have you voluntarily transferred your creative work (Intellectual Property) to the University or a Faculty Member?
    If so, you are no longer the owner of the intellectual property.
  5. Have acknowledged all your sources and provided proper citations? 
    Link to:

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