Painting & Drawing class from Charles Wright Academy on Display

Previously on display at Collins Memorial Library:

Big Ideas about Drawing

These books completed by the Painting & Drawing class at Charles Wright Academy explore three big ideas about drawing in an exquisite book format.  As a culmination of our semester studying drawing, students were asked to find a single object and to create three unique drawings of it. Each drawing represents a big idea about drawing:

  • The first drawing, a straightforward direct observational drawing of the object represents Drawing as Perception – drawing in which the artist explores, observes, and investigates in order to understand the world.
  • The second drawing, a structural break down of the object into basic shapes represents Drawing as Communication – drawing in which the artist makes ideas, thoughts and feelings available to others.
  • The third drawing, an imaginative reinterpretation of the object represents Drawing as Invention – drawing in which the artist explores possibilities and experiments with media.

The CWA Painting & Drawing Class of 2011-2012
Katie Beck
Meg Blyler
Angelica Bogue
Alex Dimmer
Sidney Gaume
Delaney Graeve
Sam Grieben
Sinae Kwon
Chris Lewis
Zi Li
Kajsa Mayo
Alicia Nibarger
William Paaga
Rick Samuelson
Edward Seol
Taylor Walsh
Vivian Zhang
Alex Zhu

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