Our Most Popular Full Text Downloads from Sound Ideas!

Here’s the list of our most popular full text downloads from Sound Ideas:

  1. Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Treatment for People with Stroke 5,159 downloads since Oct., 2011
  2. Aquatic Therapy for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Occupational Therapists’ Perspectives 3,070 since Oct., 2011
  3. Mini-Mental State Examination and Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen: Predictive validity for discharge disposition among patients of a skilled nursing facility 1,937 since Sept., 2011
  4. The Effects of Gum Chewing on Classroom Performance in Children with ADHD: A Pilot Study 1,580 since Oct., 2011
  5. Fashion and Self-Fashioning: Clothing Regulation in Renaissance Europe 1,386 since Sept., 2011

Our most popular faculty work: Group velocity dispersion of dyes in solution measured with white-light interferometry 140 downloads since Jan., 2012

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