Northwest Digital Archives (NWDA): Puget Sound's Unique Archival and Manuscript Materials

The University of Puget Sound has a unique collection of archival and manuscript materials.  Many of the collections are described in the Northwest Digital Archives (NWDA)

Explore documents that recount experiences in China, an Argentinian astronomer, or materials used by the South Mongol Mission!  These unique collections open up new worlds to explore and are waiting for the intrepid researcher to discover!

28 of our unique collections are described in detail including:  Here’s a brief description of three of the collections to whet your appetite for research!

The Don and Claire Egge Collection on China:
University of Puget Sound Archives
Largely comprised of newspaper clippings from English-language newspapers from the People’s Republic of China, 1987-1990, which focus on political and economic questions and the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Also includes general books and pamphlets on Chinese education, culture, politics, economics, and business, maps, and similar material collected by an American couple living and teaching for four years in China.

Guide to the Benjamin A. Gould Collection 1874 – 1918:
University of Puget Sound Archives
Benjamin Apthorp Gould (1824-1896) was the founder and first editor of the Astronomical Journal. Gould was involved in the establishment and operation of the National Observatory at Córdoba, Argentina. The collection contains Gould’s correspondence with M. Thome, reports, meteorological and astronomical information, and lunar photographs taken in 1918.

Guide to the Leroy Ostransky Papers Approximately 1939-1993
Repository: University of Puget Sound Archives
Summary: Leroy Ostransky (1918-1993) was a composer, author, and a professor of music at the University of Puget Sound. An expert on jazz, he was widely recognized for his contributions to education and the arts. This collection contains files, correspondence, audio recordings, manuscripts, class notes, clippings, musical scores and compositions.
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