New Streamroller Print in Library: A Tribute to Tacoma

Print by Spring Munsel Gideon

Artist Statement

Spring Munsel Gideon

Born and raised in Tacoma, I’ve found myself now raising my own family in Kitsap County. This work explores what ‘Home’ means to me. Set against a background of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Museum of Glass, and Tacoma Dome; the floral design beneath relates to my life in the area. Berries for a childhood on my Grandparent’s Puyallup farm, various flowers to note the birth months of those important in my life, a dogwood for the time I spent in British Columbia, and a rhododendron for Washington State.

This print was created by carving a 3’x3’ linoleum block and printed using a steamroller for 2019 Wayzgoose Kitsap.


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