New Environmental Science Database: Proquest’s Environmental Science Collection

ProquestEnvironOver the summer, Collins Library added a new database to our collection: Proquest’s Environmental Science Collection, a welcome addition to our existing primary environmentally-focused database, Greenfile.

The new database greatly increases our access to both scholarly articles and what is known as “grey literature,” which includes technical reports, trade journals, white papers, and environmental impact statements.

There are also several excellent advanced searching options. For instance, organisms may be searched for using their exact Latin names, while students interested in business and economic aspects of environmental studies can search by company name or NAICS code.

Coverage includes information on a vast array of topics within the fields of ecology, environmental engineering, water management, fisheries, endangered species, toxicology, and other areas of interest to those studying environment science. Students in Environmental Policy & Decision Making (EPDM) courses will find this new database particularly helpful, and it will have applications in Politics & Government and Biology, as well. Students who are finishing the literature review section of a lab report, or working on a summer research proposal, will find Environmental Science Collection very useful!

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