A tale of neighbor hating neighbor

A gaudy, newly constructed behemoth of a home called The White Elephant looms over the quaint suburban town of Willard Park. When owner Nick Cox cuts down Allison and Ted Millers’ precious red maple—in an effort to make his unappealing property appealing to buyers—their once serene town becomes a battleground.

While tensions between Ted and Nick escalate, other dysfunctions swarm: Allison finds herself drawn to the man who is threatening to upset her quietly organized life. A lawyer with a pot habit and a serious midlife crisis ignores his responsibilities. And in a quest for popularity, a teenage girl gets caught up in a not-so-harmless prank. Newcomers and longtime residents alike begin to clash in conflicting pursuits of the American Dream, with trees mysteriously uprooted, fires set, fingers pointed, and lines drawn.

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