Life Skills Collection: Expanding Your Worldview and Promoting Inclusivity on Campus

LifeSkills_IdentityGreetings, Loggers! College life introduces us to a range of human experiences, exposes worldviews that may be unfamiliar or differ from our personal understandings, and provides many opportunities for us to grow individually and collectively in awareness, competency, and active engagement with a complex and multifaceted community. In addition to providing practical information about other topics, the Life Skills Collection at Collins Library provides essential resources to help you learn more about how issues of identity affect your college experience and that of your peers, and how you can become an advocate for inclusion and equity at the University of Puget Sound and beyond. Here are our top picks for building your awareness, starting a dialogue, celebrating your identity and others’, becoming an ally, and practicing inclusion.

The Life Skills Collection is located in the Learning Commons, on the first floor of Collins Library. Learn more on the companion guide devoted to the Life Skills Collection and discover many more resources at the University of Puget Sound!

By Katy Curtis, Humanities Librarian


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