IMF and Economics Comedy

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University of Puget Sound recently gained access to International Monetary Fund (IMF) data through our database Data-Planet Statistical Datasets. Puget Sound students, staff, and faculty members will now be able to access IMF data through the Statistical Datasets Portal including balance of payments, direction of trade, government finance statistics, and international financial statistics.

Economist Jokes

Recently the contributors to NPR’s Planet Money, Robert Smith and David Kestenbaum, documented their attempt to do 3-minutes of stand-up comedy comprised entirely of economics jokes at a New York comedy club on an episode of the Planet Money Podcast. Given the subject matter, and their inexperience (this was the first time either had done stand-up) it’s not surprising that they bombed.

Smith and Kestenbaum’s attempt at economist humor is hardly the first or most successful. Yoram Bauman, aka the Stand-Up Economist is making a career out of combining economics and comedy. He performs economic-themed comedy across the country at a variety of venues including colleges and professional conferences, and has authored two cartoon introductions to economics.

Check out his bit below called Mankiw’s Ten Principles of Economics Translated from the AAAS humor session from 2007.

By Ben Tucker

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