Hidden Gems in the Collins Memorial Library


Image: http://www.artsatl.com/decatur-book-festival-2/

On the third floor of the library is a beautiful, quiet, calm study area with panoramic windows that over look the university campus, and a catalogue of children’s books as well. If you explore to the left of the third floor there on the shelves are beautiful stories such as “The Talking Eggs”. Childhood classics such as Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss are squeezed next to contemporary children’s books such as “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Night Shift Daddy”.

Although it may have been years since many college students on this campus have opened up a children’s book, these stories still have much to offer us as growing individuals. Children’s books which include themes of race, sexuality, and inequality are becoming more popular and there is value in understanding how new generations are being exposed to these ideas. The story books are available to you at any time, and if you make your way upstairs then take a seat by the window, watch the rain drizzle down, and enjoy the nostalgia with a hot cup of tea (in a closed container of course).

By Janne Deng

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