From the Stacks – A few of our favorites – 1892: Gossip in a Library

Stacks_GossipInLibraryGossip in a Library!  Another title that we just could not resist, but don’t pick up this book expecting to find out some long forgotten secrets of scandalous library behavior. Edmund Gosse, the author,  was a prolific man of letters. He worked as a librarian, English translator, literary historian, author and critic.  His book is a collection of essays about the special books in his private collection. Gosse started his career out as a librarian at the British Museum and later became a lecturer at Cambridge University. His final position was as librarian for the House of Commons. He married an artist who was associated with the Pre-Raphaelites.  In an article that appeared in the New York Times on May 9th, 1892, the reviewer describes the publication as a happy volume that excites curiosity!*

Gosse’s intriguing essays on books are a must for any bibliophile!

A free audiobook is available, too, if you want to listen!

*New publications. (1892, May 09). New York Times (1857-1922), pp. 3-3. Retrieved from

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