From the Archives & Special Collections: Wheelock is Key

archives_wheelockIf you’re like many UPS students, then you find yourself spending a large quantity of time in the Wheelock Student Center. From discussions to dining, meetings to mail, colds to coffee, and performances to pizza, the Wheelock Student Center has much of what us college students need to thrive as well as enjoy our free time!

Here in the Archives & Special Collections our goal is to provide you with historical reference materials, and what better way to reference our campus’ history than through photographs? So for you curious folk, here is what the Wheelock Student Center looked like when it first opened in 1960. Named in 1995 in honor of Anna Lemon Wheelock and R. Arthur Wheelock (pioneers of the Tacoma area), at the request of their daughter, Virginia Wheelock Marshall, the building completed its construction in 1959 and opened for students the following year.

Notice the parked cars outside of the second entrance. The campus map of 1978 reveals that Lawrence Street once ran through campus where the rotunda and outdoor dining tables are currently located. The Rasmussen Rotunda we know and love was actually a 1986 addition to the Wheelock Student Center (dedicated in memory of Marie Dorothy (Dottie) Mulligan Rasmussen ’41).

What other differences do you observe?

As always, come by the Archives & Special Collections or check out A Sound Past for more!

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By Monica Patterson

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