From the Archives & Special Collections: We’re Diggin’ It!

cpsFieldhouseDIGThe construction of the field house additions is getting closer and closer to being finished. It has been fun to watch the development of the fitness area and the aquatic center and soon we will be able to use them. With all of these new things appearing at the field house, I could not help but wonder when the field house was built. After looking at some pictures, I found that the groundbreaking was in 1948. The pictures on the left show a drawing of what the field house was supposed to look like and also the field house during construction. Check out this photo and more of the construction of the field house by going online to A Sound Past. The drawing shows that the stadium would be built next to the field house, but, as we know, it was later built across the street. That area, though, is now where the aquatic center will stand. After almost seventy years, the field house is getting a much needed makeover.

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By Sierra Scott

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