From the Archives & Special Collections: A Loggers Guide to Clothes

Archives_3-29ABut what do I wear? The question that is too often asked by students these days. However, this question was answered very specifically in the 1968 “Welcome to Our Campus” handbook. According to this book, women were the ones who asked such questions and what to wear always “depends upon the type of occasion, the weather, and the type of date.” Over the years, it seems that the type of dress has become less about the occasion and more about comfort. Who knew there were so many occasions to dress up for? The guide suggests that a lady wear a skirt and sweater with nylons and loafers, a tailored coat and limited jewelry while attending sporting events. Remember that the next time you go cheer on your fellow Loggers. Overall, though, “the most important aspect to remember is that no matter what you wear, be yourself and dress for your personality with neatness, good taste and careful grooming”  – the wise words of 1968.


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By Sierra Scott

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